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Hi, my name is Julien, and after decades of unsuccessfully looking to other health professionals for answers to my own challenges, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and qualified as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), with the Nutritional Therapy Association, in 2019. Recognizing the power of their foundational approach to health, I then took a much deeper dive into all things gut-related by qualifying as a Restorative Wellness Solutions Level 1 Practitioner (RWP-1) in 2021.

Despite recent massive advances in the sciences, we still live in a world where conventional healthcare is not well equipped to help those suffering from chronic illness. Given my personal experiences to date, I feel compelled to assist others in navigating the complex and often confusing worlds of health and nutrition, in the hope that they can avoid the bulk of the frustrations, pain, time, and expense that I encountered during my own long and winding journey.
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Personalised Nutrition Plus

By rigorously assessing the core foundations of your health, including diet, digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acid status, mineral balance, and hydration levels, along with a thorough analysis of your lifestyle habits, including sleep, stress, movement, and environmental considerations, our goal will be to identify and address any nutritional and physiological deficiencies, and/or counterproductive lifestyle factors, in order to begin clearing blockages to your body's innate healing capacity, and allow for optimal function, all the while supporting you with the tools and understanding you require to propel you forwards on your journey to lasting health. In more complex cases, targeted lab testing may be utilized in order to gain further insight.

Setting the Stage for Success

Intelligence and qualifications count for little without a comprehensive, methodical approach, or if recommendations are not delivered in such a manner as to make them easy to follow with absolute trust, commitment, and enthusiasm. As such, my methodology is a foundational one, where we'll hunt for underlying root causes, whilst respecting your body's healing priorities, instead of looking for quick fixes or simply the superficial management of symptoms.

All interactions, including bookings, video calls, messaging, and feedback are conducted via a dedicated HIPAA compliant online portal, both for the sake of the safety and security of your personal information, and in order to neatly store all of your documentation, results, recommendations, and protocols in a single, cloud-based location, making them quick and easy to find and refer back to at any point in time, no matter where you are.

My goal... to provide you with the level of professional service I wish I could have experienced myself!


"I only needed two appointments with Julien. His recommendations regarding my diet helped me clear up my Rosacea in a matter of only a few weeks!"
"Julien was a pleasure to work with, and helped me immensely in my quest to improve my overall health and wellbeing."
"Julien is full of excellent advice. The toughest part was making the necessary changes with a busy lifestyle, but the support he offered was outstanding!"

Book Today and Change Your Life...

Complimentary Discovery Call - 15mins

If you have any further questions about working together - upon booking, you'll receive a brief questionnaire to complete to help us get the most out our conversation.
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Deep Dive Initial Consultation - 90mins

If you feel that you have all the information you require, and are ready to take the next step - after booking, you'll receive detailed intake documents that are intentionally designed to help you paint a detailed picture of your most pressing health concerns, and begin the process of highlighting and identifying possible contributing factors.

Once these forms have been completed, returned, and reviewed, we'll meet virtually, during which time we'll dig deeper into the information you provided, explore any topics that warrant further attention, and together decide upon an appropriate course of action.
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What to Expect

After your Deep Dive Initial Consultation, my sincerest hope is that you will be feeling empowered and excited about working together, in which case we'll enroll you in either one of two packages, depending on your specific needs. I won't lie, this work can be challenging, and will require an ongoing commitment from you, and in order to relieve some of that strain, I find that packages are an extremely helpful tool.

Not only do they take financial concerns out of the equation for future appointments, as they've already been paid for up-front, but they enable us to define a clear path towards your goals right from the get-go, set expectations, and carve out the time required for the invaluable work we'll be doing together.

As humans, once we attain some level of improvement, our usual tendency is to stop doing whatever it is we were doing that helped get us there in the first place, but this is normally the point at which we need to stay strong, double down on our efforts, and stick with the plan, as healing especially tends to have its ups and downs, and often requires a solid period of consistency in order to achieve lasting change.

Packages are tailored to best meet the needs of the individual, but will usually fall into one of two categories:

Initial Consultation + Two 60mins Follow-Up Sessions (over 3 month period)

Suitable in situations where minor adjustments to diet and lifestyle are likely to resolve the issue at hand.

Initial Consultation + Five 60mins Follow-Up Sessions (over 6 month period)

Suitable for more complex, long-term, or immediate health concerns that warrant a deeper level of intervention (includes cost of testing and targeted therapeutic supplementation).


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